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Hiring a Lawyer in France – Lawyer at the Bar of Paris

The lawyer is the bearer of universal values. It is also, sometimes, the last recourse to assert your rights and defend you or face an unfair situation and difficult.

A successful attorney is the fruit of academic experiences, professional and human resources. It has the ambition to bring to individuals or legal persons of any nature, in their relationship to the Justice, both a legal assistance, judicial intervention adjusted to the litigation concerned and an appropriate response to the legal needs of its clients.

The cabinet intervenes before all courts (in Paris, Ile de France and in province), in particular in the following:

Right Lawyer of labor
Right to Organize (challenge of professional elections, union litigation, …),
defense committees of businesses and representative institutions of staff: committee of business, hygiene and safety committee (CHSCT), …
Defense of members of IORPS: staff delegates, members of the committees of companies, the members of the CHSCT, trade union delegates, represented of trade union section

Counsel Criminal Law (assistance of kept to view, defendants and put in review in the framework of instruction to corrections and criminal, CRPC, tribunal for children, Correctional Tribunal, development of sentences)
Counsel Criminal Law (assistance of kept to view, defendants and put in review in the framework of criminal investigation; defense of the accused before the court of assizes and the Assize Court for minors, prison litigation and disciplinary proceedings in prison),
responsibility of the judicial officer of the Treasury (compensation of the arbitrary detention following a decision of acquittal or relaxs, compensation for the excessive length of proceedings, unfair procedure, …),

Lawyer at the service of the victims of aggression, injuries and violence, accident and injury (injury, traffic accident, domestic accidents, accidents at school, …),
compensation of victims (guarantee fund for victims of offenses and of terrorism, Commission for the compensation of victims of offenses or “CIVI,” Commission regional reconciliation and compensation (RCCI), National Office for the Compensation of Medical Accidents (ONIAM), Commissions of Inquiry, negotiations with the Insurance Companies in the case of home accident, of the traffic or work… ),
Compensation of Victims of terrorist attacks in France and abroad (in particular by the procedure for compensation before the guarantee fund for victims of offenses and terrorism) and Accidents (accident of the road, car accident, accident motorcycles and accident of boats, crash Air, school accidents, …) and natural disasters (floods, …);

Lawyer contractual responsibilities to civil and commercial matters (referred, commercial contracts, Abusive breach of talks, Abusive breach of business as usual, …)
Lawyer therapeutic accident, responsibilities medical and hospital (error diagnosis, medical error, accident operative),
Commercial Law (creation of society, drafting of statutes, Minutes of assembly, assignment of funds of commerce, litigation with the suppliers);

Right Lawyer of the family (change of surname, quick divorce, fault divorce, revision of alimony, forced food, custody of children, marital violence, order of protection and urgent measures, criminal law of the family);

Lawyer in equine Law (right of the horse): defense of the jockeys and staff (equestrian monitors, …), civil liability of the professionals of the horse (accidents, pension contracts, contracts for the purchase or sale of horse, leases, …), Criminal Law of the horse;

Medical ethics of health professionals (paramedic, doctor, midwife, anaesthetist-responder, surgery) and in the case of birth injury law for occurrences such as spina bifida, hydrocephalus.